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(Aug 1, 2012) - Steam Daily Deal. Because all news is sale news.

Noitu Love 2 is Steam's Daily Deal today!

And since I crapped out on drawing something for the summer sale, here's something somewhat better, yet rushed. <3

Noitu Love 2 Steam page


(Jul 12, 2012) - RSS & Steam Summer Sale.

I added RSS to the top of the page, finally.

Also, Noitu Love 2 is 50% off during the Steam sale! Go and tell friends to buy it, pretty please! I was gonna draw something awesome for the Steam Sale, but then I forgot, so I made this:


(Jul 9, 2012) - Games should have speed.


(Jul 7, 2012) - Humble Store

Morning, my lovely philistines!

Noitu Love 2 is now pruchasable through the Humble Store for $5 on this website! It is a much better solution as the previous provider wouldn't support things like downloading again later. You will also receive a Steam code upon purchase.

Tell your enemies!

Noitu Love 2 page

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