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It's always great to know you have fans, and even greater to receive fanart, for any reason! I heartily thank all of you who have drawn pretty things relating to my work, either if it was for me or not!

Noitu Love:

halil th by Halil Ural

ian th by Ian McConville

anna th by Annabelle Kennedy

martb th by MartB

thegalen th by thegalen

02galen th by thegalen

idrainedmyheart th by Muza Turpistów

rlo22 th by Format-X

The Iconoclasts:

anokorok th by Anokorok

zephanus th by Zephanus

ivory th by Ned Tenen

ivory th by Dangqi

ivory th by TaraGraphic

ivory th by Muju

ivorysda th by The Knick

ivoryyyyy th by Estampita

jermaine th by jermainewiire

pinoy th by ScepterDPinoy


godsavant th by godsavant

blockers th by Ned Tenen

blockerssa th by Alextro