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FAQ, a.k.a. "Don't mail me these questions!"

There are a couple questions I'm asked a lot, so I'm adding this section to hopefully answer those so you won't have to e-mail me.

Q - Dear Joakim, what programs do you use to make games?
A - Hello reader. I used to use Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion 2 to make games. All my releases currently have been made using it. Since those, however, I've switched to Scirra's Construct, a free game maker that's finally really stable and useful, and provides a better platform for what I want to create.

Q - Genius. So where do these programs have their "make my game for me" buttons?
A - Hello reader. They don't. I learned these programs inside and out by trial and error (not so much with Construct since it borrows a lot from the MMF2 user-interface). They make game making faster and maybe somewhat easier with the use of some pre-made features, but there still aren't shortcuts to polish.
I, for instance, don't use things like predetermined platform movements, I make my own, as well as make my own editors (in Construct, too) as of late. Sorry, but you're going to need to practice and get good at the programs.

Q - Oh... well... Could you point me to any tutorials?
A - Hello reader. Not really, as I previously stated I learned most of what I know from playing around with the programs, but you could always ask questions and read threads on the programs' homepages.

Q - Fine! So what programs do you use for graphics and animation?
A - Hello reader. For pixel art I use Graphics Gale. It has all the features I need, and is streamlined enough.

Q - Tutorials?
A - Hello reader. Don't know of any off the top of my head, sorry. I learned entirely by looking at other games and animations.

Q - Then what good are you?
A - Hello reader. That's kind of how my e-mail replies end up to these questions, I am really uninformative and probably come off as dismissive, when it really is true I can't be very helpful!

Q - ... Okay, then. I have one last question. Will this game of yours be released for this particular platform?
A - Hello reader. I'd be telling everyone else before I answered that question individually, so there's no reason to ask me personally. I do consider what platforms exist out there.

And then everybody lived happily ever after.