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About Joakim Sandberg

My name is Joakim Sandberg, born in '86 and I'm making games like a bastard. It's my primary hobby, while I also immensely enjoy drawing pictures. I program and make all the assets for my games which basically means I also make a lot of music, another thing that's very enjoyable, but I rarely do it when I don't need it for a game.

If you're interested how well I've fared in the past in these various pursuits you can look in the "Games" and "Arts & Crafts" folders on the left side of the site. I'm very much a fan of fast-paced, satisfying games and tight controls that don't leave you thinking you're restricted, and I hope to mirror that in my games. Besides those points I'm quite open to making many kinds of games. I've found I enjoy thinking of ideas for genres I don't typically enjoy, as a way to see if there is a way for it to be fun for someone like me (who tends to hate everything).

I hope to always be able to survive pursuing these hobbies, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.


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joy th