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(Oct. 17, 2012) - Newer Iconoclasts Alpha and Trailer!

Back when I was in the Indie Royale bundle I included a newer alpha of Iconoclasts, here is basically that alpha but with whichever tweaks and fixes that part of the game has gotten since then! The alpha does however end earlier than the old one, for reasons of keeping some changed content still under wraps. But you get to see how it's improved, and I do want reports if there's trouble, like how some get crashes in level transitions.

Iconoclasts section

There's also a new trailer for this year! I guess having two already when the game's pretty far from done is weird, but it was a nice break from game development. I haven't entered IGF at the second of this posting, but I pretty much will. Now, enjoy the cheese held within this piece of video:

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101. Joker101
Happy new year Konjack! I hope
those bug i found did help you to
fix the game :) and i hope we can
soon play the full version.
102. orcenec
please finish this game. it's one
of the best platformers that I've
ever played. it's right up there
with cave story even. so again,
please finish the iconoclasts!
103. Shane home button
As much as I liked the look of the original Ivory Springs; this game is a major league improvement.
104. Sandro
already on alphas you done a awesome pixel art that no one could get tired to look.. i hope a soon beta game with more beautiful scenarios and puzzles as much as alpha.Stay awesome Joakim! Classic Constructor ou Constructor 2?
105. Ced91
Great game ! I knew it, the indie
games are the best ! Please ? Don't
give up ! Thanks you !!
106. trevhead
Can't wait to play the finished

This game will be bigger than Cave
Story when everybody gets to play
it. There's already alot of the
press who are looking forward to it
after playing the demo.
107. galen
when will this come out? my money wants to be thrown at you right now!
108. Aceleris
This is simply Amazing. Do not give
up! :]
109. Doftgran
Oh, my. 2D platformers are always most welcome and yours is shaping up fine. Keep at it!
110. Lemo
Hi there!
Amazing game ^^ So, is that Construct, C2, or something else?
I have the crash issue as well when entering the broken house (win xp geforce 6200)
I'll just play with the first alpha in the meantime, no big deal
Keep it up!
111. Wolfking_Warrior
I have a glitch where when I try to
enter the dilapidated house (1st
Boss)in the 2012 version, my game
glitches, and shows a black screen,
and begins looping the last 1/2
second of music. Could you fix that
in the new alpha?

However, I still love this game, so
nice work!
112. Wolfking_Warrior
One more thing, I also have Windows
XP, which may or may not cause the
113. Verynoname
Wow! This game is amazing! Despite
only being an alpha version, I
would gladly throw money at my
screen and play this game over the
current triple A games on the
market right now. Keep developing,
114. Gzegzolka
That's very good news :) I hope to see some updated demo version soon.
115. Brocco
NooooOOOo! The game looks so fun and it crashes right after i enter the first house!! argg the pain! i want to play! From the 3min i can actualy play i can allready tell this is going to be amazing.

You got me hooked in 3min good job!

Keep up teh amazing work!
116. Jonathan Price home button
Your game looks incredibly promising and professional. I'm really interested in playing it, especially since it appears to have a strong, well-designed female protagonist, which games sorely need more of.

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