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(Sep 1, 2012) - Noitu Love 2 Wiiware not happening.

Sorry for not being able to make this clear sooner, but yeah, Noitu Love 2 isn't being released for Wiiware. I think it had left most people's minds now anyway!

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21. General_Tobias
While I was looking forward to the
Wii version of the game. The main
purpose would have been to show the
game to friends and such. The game
probably works best on PC anyways
(mouse control > wii mote
22. Shadowcrazy home button
well that's unfortunate but at least the game exists in the first place so we can play it even if it's not on the wii. here's hoping iconoclasts comes out soon would love to see that happening.
23. TheSushiTyrrant
Actually I love your game Konjak.
It sounds like you don't want to
try to put it on anything else but
I was wondering what you thought
about the PS Vita as the controls
might be better on that. Well just
a thought if you ever wanted to try
to put one of your games on the
consols again. ^^
24. Lucio
I'm very disappointed with Golgoth
Studio. That was a must-have as a
Wii owner. I've been waiting for
about 4 years and one day it's
suddenly cancelled... at least
Iconoclasts is almost out of the
fridge, that makes me feel better.

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