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(Aug 1, 2012) - Steam Daily Deal. Because all news is sale news.

Noitu Love 2 is Steam's Daily Deal today!

And since I crapped out on drawing something for the summer sale, here's something somewhat better, yet rushed. <3

Noitu Love 2 Steam page

1. GafferGonz
Are your game sales on Steam enough to support you, at least for now? Or do you still have to take up other jobs?
2. V1CT3M
I beseech you.. ADD KEY BINDING
SUPPORT or at least make it so
space is also jump. This W to jump
thing drives me up the wall.
3. solo home button
You know, I saw this game on the daily deal, and looked it up mostly on a whim. I tried the demo, and was hooked. Bought it!

It's pretty great, thanks. Maybe I'll buy it again from the humble store for a DRM free version.
4. M.E.
Wow, i bought Noitu Love2 yesterday on steam and i love it!
Please keep more Noitu coming! :D
5. Treso
Short, contained, and clicky: Noitu Love 2 is the perfect retro-homage for the 30s gamer looking to relive his SNES days long after losing his adolescent reflexes.
6. Cicatriz
I remember playing your games a
while ago, and when I saw Noitu
Love 2 on Steam, I bought it in an
instant! I love your style so much.
It brings back the classic video
game feel, but doesn't feel old at
all. Please, don't ever stop making
7. konjak
You guys are TOO kind!
8. Chuck
Is that a girl with pear earring parody ^^? It's quite lovely!

Is there any chance you will be coming to GDC Europe sometime?
9. konjak

Not this time, at least.
10. Chuck
I don\'t know how much you had to pay last time you went, but maybe you could consider going as a volunteer next time maybe?
You would 'only' need to pay for accomodation, work a little and still get to go to most of the sessions and parties ^^. I tried it this time and it was pretty cool. But I\'m not a developer and I wasn\'t exhibiting anything, so maybe you feel different about this.
Anyway, love your work man!
11. Nico
Hi, have you considered to submit
your game to Steam Greenlight? It
could be a good way to let a big
community know about such promising
game, and for sure you'll have a
lot of votes starting from mine...


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