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(Jul 12, 2012) - RSS & Steam Summer Sale.

I added RSS to the top of the page, finally.

Also, Noitu Love 2 is 50% off during the Steam sale! Go and tell friends to buy it, pretty please! I was gonna draw something awesome for the Steam Sale, but then I forgot, so I made this:

1. Deltaburnt
I will buy this so many times over and recommend it to all my friends the second it comes out. Are you planning on taking preorders/prepurchases?
2. konjak
You're speaking of Iconoclasts, of
course, and I don't know if I'll be
doing that yet. Thanks!
3. Boehmi
I'll get a copy of this. Looks quite interesting. I hope you're still working on Iconoclasts, I had a blast with the alpha. I'd buy a copy of that, too. (:
4. Nick Garboden
Not that it changes much telling
you but I ended up buying three
copies during the Steam sale. And
that goes on top of when I
originally bought the game straight
from your site a couple years ago
when it was $10 or $15 (can't
remember now). Love the game, been
wanting more full releases from you
to give you more money.

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