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(Apr. 23, 2012) - Noitu Love 2 now on Steam!

Noitu Love 2 is now available on Steam, for a reduced price the first week!


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21. Chaosmaker
Bought it from Steam, and the game is very good! I'd be glad to see more of your work - from what I've seen it is professional and well polished.

I like to support independent developers like you :) I think this is the way to improve the gaming scene, hate what EA did to Bioware for example. I always feel good when paying to the person than the Big Man!
22. Hiroshi Mishima
I'm about to buy this, but I sure as hell hope you didn't do any "easy mode punishment" like you did in the original game. That always makes me lose respect for a developer. You really shouldn't force players to a difficulty setting they're not interested in. Anyways, visually the game is beautiful, but I've heard NL2 has volume issues. Hope that's just them. :p
23. konjak
It's pretty loud. But you could
lower just the game's volume in
recent Windows' mixer, sorry about

And no, it doesn't change the
24. RATH
well, when I was playing in almond mode on level 6 of his, sadly when I tried to drag him to the pit, a glitch happened where he wouldnt move, nor would the screen progress like with the other characters, right before the part with the security bot.another one was in rilo mode on the first level, I got stuck crouching and couldnt jump and had to reset the game.
^^ fantastic game overall though.
25. Naaraka
i've encounterda gltich as well. it was on the samurai level with Xoda underwater with teh gelfishes. i was at the first crouch passage as you would call it. and im not quite sure what i did. i think i tried to dash punch through the wall you needed to crouch under and using double tap right dash and i glitched through to the top of the wall and got stuck there offscreen.
26. Newbie
Already bought the game when it first came out...but as a thank you for making it so awesome I bought the steam version too!
27. Tally
Bought it a second time as well.

A glitch I found: In the second level climbing to meet Joy I started flying up through the level along the left side of the screen until I forced myself back in with one of Xoda's special moves. I believe it started on the second floor of the tower.
28. IHateThisMap
Just wondering, how many did you sell
so far?
29. RevenantX3
I bought it as soon as I saw it was out. I genuinely think you should make a Kickstarter for The Iconoclasts.
30. jessie
Atomium (french game critic) presented your game to his audience (around 30000 people). You do a good job^^.
31. Clocks

he cant make a kickstarter because of international somthing-or-orthers. he mentioned it at some point
32. wowsers
I sense that this game will be special, I've played this game a lot and I just realized that i have never seen any other game with this style.
33. Pako home button
hey Konjak, could you please add your other games to steam? :)
I love all of them, and my computer is very messy so it would be nice to be able to play noitu love, legend of princess, the iconoclasts, chalk directly and everything else from steam, without having to look for them in my hd ( and / or downloading them again ). it would make it easier for me to recommend your games for my friends too!
also i\'m a big fan of your pixel art and music and i\'m looking forward for your future projects :D
( if you ever make a noitu love 3 please make it with joystick support xD )
34. Vita home button
FIRF 1 minute reievws Steamlands:Although I should append my comments by saying I liked canary just the way it was well except for the difficulty curve. More like a difficulty sine curve. Yeah, still messed it up there, guys.Stalwart:Gets my vote.Cathode Rays:Comes in a close second.Finally, feedback on Megaman.Not gonna spend all night re-recording this to get it down. You get a 4 minute rant on my Megaman experience. Sorry.

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