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(Apr. 19, 2012) - Noitu Love 2 on Steam!

They say four years wait is the perfect wait! But now it's finally happening and Noitu Love 2 is appearing on Steam this Monday! It will debut at 20% off, meaning $4 or 4 (in most of Europe). Tell your friends and yourself!

Hopefully this is a good thing for me, as any boost will help. In lieu of me running any equivalent to a Kickstarter, please also see this as a way to support me finishing games like Iconoclasts, every nugget helps!

Now, it will still be the Noitu Love 2 you've known before, with some more or less invisible fixes and changes. Due to the nature of the program the game was made in I can unfortunately not support fun stuff like achievements or leaderboards (or the overlay), which is a shame. Just REALLY try to imagine you're playing this game in the '90s. With the Mario Paint mouse.

Thanks again for all your support over the years! I hope to keep bringing you the best games I can make in the future, with your support! Now please do enjoy some Noitu Love 2 come Monday, now through the comfort of Steam!


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21. konjak
That would be interesting if
possible, thanks for the heads up!
22. Kajy
:x Just a heads up, look at the bottom left
of the promotional image, Dr Tango's right

Did you end up forgetting a layer in the
wrong depth?
23. Clawjelly home button
Wow, that release flew way under my radar! I'll get it as soon as i can...
24. Julie home button
chilled it is really fraeky that I can connect something from one of your videos to my History classIE: Istanbul is Constantinople now from Infected was in my history class a couple days ago and now Iconoclast is one of my vocab in a chapter really weird. ^.~
25. credit card rewards home button
I take your point Barry but it seems to me that getting hung up on terms and titles is a malaise of modern society. Our information age naturally puts emphasis on semantics, pr and spin but ultimately most of us recognise an original idea when we come across it. Similarly, we respond to anyone who demonstrates ‘authenticity’ and we are prepared to follow them if their ideas make sense (and sometimes even when they don’t! Einstein was only understood by a handful of people at first).The clever leaders use the language of the times to get their ideas across and often their ideas are not original, they are simply humane; Martin Luther King’s message was hardly ground breaking but it is a message often forgotten and rarely implemented.Whatever tools you use, never forget it is the message which is the most important.

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