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(Dec. 25, 2011) - Konst.

Forgot I used to post art. So here's some! Some is old stuff I never posted, some is just old because I haven't been posting for a while, and a few, like the black and white ones, are very recent.

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1. Format-X
hi Joakim! I like your art. if not a secret, please tell me what model of WACOM you use use to paint his pictures. I'm going to buy a wacom but not sure enough of A5 for the full draw. sorry my english.
2. konjak
Always used A5. This one's a Bamboo, the.. grey kind? Not expensive anyway.
3. Santa Claus
Hello Joakim!
Merry christmas! What kind of gift
you want?
4. TontoTurbo
That's some serious talent you have there. Is there a prequel to the comic and what program do you use to draw, if I may ask? :)
5. Shadowcrazy the Shadow Hatter home button
what a marvelous christmas present :D
6. David J Prokopetz
Female characters with facial expressions that don't involve a creepy, doll-eyed stare? Who are you, and what have you done with Joakim Sandberg?
7. TheoX home button
I like these a lot! It seems like your art style is ever improving. The comic here is my favorite... I want to see more of the story!
8. konjak
David, I've noticed that myself, but it's kind of the "characteristic" of that white-haired woman, but it kind of seeped onto Robin without thinking. Now I will probably never draw it again!
9. wasmo home button
do you have a DA or other art site
account somewhere i can find?
10. konjak
I'm kajnok on deviantart, but you won't find much there, or more often.
11. Vyper900
Yes, art! I love your art!!
12. banyaniichan
What ever happened to Luxe Chalk?
13. Bob
I know you got something cooking.
What is it?

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