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(Mar. 29) - I'm getting sick of myself.

For a long time now I've just been going from stupid project to project finishing nothing and now I'm finally at a point where I've gone on too long and don't really have funds to go on like I do, especially not in the DirectX and Windows-tied platforms I use because I never learned any other programming than MMF and Construct.

I've had to decide that I can't spend the time it will take to make my big project: a retry at Ivory Srpings (called The Iconoclasts instead). Not really sure what I'll be able to do instead to make money sooner either, though. I set aside this game a while ago and started on a smaller project, still Construct 1, just to get something done, but who knows with me. After that I was hoping Construct 2 would be far enough along because it's such a promising program (you can't port Construct 1 stuff to it though).

But I am where I am right now and don't really know what I'm gonna do. Promising things just keep falling through with me, in several respects. Not sure how much more I can put up with doing this. I'm just really, really stupid.

Anyway, here's what I made of the new "Ivory Springs". It's pretty much based on the same content, just has a little bit more after where the previous iteration ended:

Download "Iconoclasts".

I really, really wanted to finish it this time.

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141. Ladislau
Try man! I am sure
lot's of people would help you!
142. Arthur
Wow, wish everyone had the patience to make something as beautiful and charming as this unfinished game. :) This is something worth buying. You are underestimating how awesome you are unfortunately. Remember it is human nature to procrastinate, it is divine to actually get up and do something beautiful with your life. This unfinished game is one of those hidden treasures, rarely found nowadays. It has touched me as surely as it has touched many others, very deeply.
143. Haru home button
If you use construct an publish as HTML 5
you can go to iOS using phonegap (though
u will need a Mac to do the final build)
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146. Dogg hi
147. Maria home button
My vote definitely goes to Cathode Rays. The slick no btotun controls and well used flicker graphics combined with some cool puzzles gave me something to do while I contemplated whether or not to give Portal 2 a second run through.

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